Business Ethics

Posted by Mike Munter on June 25, 2011 / Posted in Blog

I wanted to write a little post for those people who find me via the search engines and want to get a better idea of the man behind the company you’re considering for SEO work. I am a pretty conservative guy. I will not make promises to you I can’t keep. I would prefer to under-promise and over-deliver. That’s my … More

What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Posted by Mike Munter on June 2, 2011 / Posted in Blog

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC for short) is a way of buying visitors to your website. Watch a short video I made for a pictorial explanation of what Pay-Per-Click looks like. In Google, for example, the ads that appear on the top and along the sides of the organic search results are PPC ads. You only pay when someone actually clicks on … More

How Affordable Small Business SEO Works

Posted by Mike Munter on May 23, 2011 / Posted in Blog

How Affordable Small Business SEO Works The goal of affordable small business SEO is to funnel loads of super-targeted, high quality visitors right to your website, so you can sell to them. You probably already know how important your website is to the success of your business.   But did you know that the words and phrases you use on your … More

First Page of Google?

Posted by Mike Munter on May 8, 2011 / Posted in Blog

Table of Contents Are You On The First Page Of Google?Let’s remember, the name of the game is to increase SALES. Want to see your website on the first page of Google?This Post:  First page of Google Are You On The First Page Of Google? I was at a party the other night and a business owner was saying how … More

Long Tail Keywords & How I Chose My Keyword For This Website

Posted by Mike Munter on April 9, 2011 / Posted in Blog

Long Tail Keywords Generally, keywords that are 3 words or longer are referred to as long tail keywords. I love long tail keywords. Why?  Because long tail keywords usually have a lot less competition and are more targeted buyer keywords than short keywords. >> But finding gold nugget long tail keywords with acceptable levels of traffic can be challenging. Let’s … More