First Page of Google?

Posted by Mike Munter on May 8, 2011 / Posted in Blog

Are You On The First Page Of Google? I was at a party the other night and a business owner was saying how they wanted to get their website to “the first page of Google“. Still another told me their newly created Facebook page was already #3 for [enter random keyword here]. It seems to me that “getting onto the … More

Long Tail Keywords & How I Chose My Keyword For This Website

Posted by Mike Munter on April 9, 2011 / Posted in Blog

Long Tail Keywords Generally, keywords that are 3 words or longer are referred to as long tail keywords. I love long tail keywords. Why?  Because long tail keywords usually have a lot less competition and are more targeted buyer keywords than short keywords. >> But finding gold nugget long tail keywords with acceptable levels of traffic can be challenging. Let’s … More

How to Develop a Keyword Strategy

Posted by Mike Munter on March 3, 2011 / Posted in Blog

Developing a sound keyword strategy is the foundation for quality SEO work. The factors I look for in choosing and recommending a keyword strategy to my clients are: 1.  Traffic – I like to see around 500 exact local monthly searches for a keyword for a local business and 1,000 exact local monthly searches for a keyword for a national … More