What Is Bounce Rate?

Posted by Mike Munter on April 27, 2012 / Posted in Blog

Small Business Consulting

Posted by Mike Munter on April 17, 2012 / Posted in Blog

One of the things I’ve always been passionate about is widening the gap between sales and expenses.  Back when i ran a minor league baseball team in Maryland, it was always exciting to find ways to trim the budget of expenses – find ways to do more with less.  Equally as exciting was the challenge of creating new events at … More

How To Get Maximum SEO Value From Your Google Plus Account

Posted by Mike Munter on April 10, 2012 / Posted in Blog

This is a guest post from Dana Flannery. Google Plus not only offers a selection of innovative features unmatched by Facebook or Twitter but it also has the advantage of being a Google product.  So, SEO value, Social Algorithm value, all those things that Facebook fails on, Google Plus features! Here’s the top five ways to get the most from … More

3 Tips for Increasing Your Google+ Following

Posted by Mike Munter on April 9, 2012 / Posted in Blog

Guest post by David Butler The main essence of using any social media platform is to increase your followers, and using Google+ is no exception. Google+ is specifically built and designed for followers and your ability to leverage this functionality will go a long way in not only putting your business in the limelight, but in also increasing your net … More

Increase Website Traffic Using Google Analytics

Posted by Mike Munter on April 3, 2012 / Posted in Blog

Google analytics provides you with a wealth of information about your site, including number of visitors, bounce rate and other important indicators that will help you improve your site’s conversion rate.  But did you know that you can use the information in Google Analytics to increase website traffic? In this article, I’m going to show you step-by-step how you can … More