6 Tips For Creating Quality Content On Your Website

Posted by Mike Munter on November 19, 2012 / Posted in Blog

Google’s quality guidelines point out a lot of the things you shouldn’t do with your website.  However, when it comes to what you SHOULD do with your site, their advice is pretty simple: Of the four basic principles listed here, I want to focus on the fourth one, and specifically the second sentence: “Make your website stand out from others … More

How Many Leads Are You Missing By Not Having A Website?

Posted by Mike Munter on November 18, 2012 / Posted in Blog

A few weeks ago I had my carpets steam cleaned.  I used the same guy I’ve always used; I keep his business card handy.  When he came to the house, we got to talking and he asked what I did for a living and I told him “online marketing”. Then I asked him how business was for him.  He said … More

Is Your Sales Process Working?

Posted by Mike Munter on November 17, 2012 / Posted in Blog

About a week ago, I signed up for AWeber – a top email marketing service.  Since some of my clients were using it with success, I decided it was time I get with and get to work on building my own email list of interested prospects.  Since I get a lot of miscellaneous inquiries, it will be nice to funnel … More

Email Marketing: Selling To The Unexpected

Posted by Mike Munter on November 16, 2012 / Posted in Blog

When I was working in minor league baseball, we’d do a magnet schedule giveaway every season.  The 4” x 6” magnet would feature our season schedule and the logo of our sponsor.  Fans loved it because they could put it on their refrigerator at home or on their file cabinet at work.  Sponsors loved it because it put their name … More

How To Negotiate A Great Radio Package For Your Business

Posted by Mike Munter on October 31, 2012 / Posted in Blog

Before I got into SEO, I worked for Comcast-Spectacor.  They’re the Philadelphia sports and entertainment firm that owns and operates the Wells Fargo Center and the Philadelphia Flyers of the NHL.  They’re some of the best marketers I’ve worked with.  I learned a lot while working there and in this post, I’ll share some of those strategies to help you … More