Link Building: Use Your Leverage

Posted by Mike Munter on September 12, 2013 / Posted in Blog

Link building is time consuming. Despite what you may read from so-called “link building experts” online, I can tell you from personal experience that it takes a lot of work and has a success rate similar to the process of cold calling. In fact, the two processes are about the same. As a salesperson selling minor league baseball sponsorships, I … More

The Importance Of Links To Your Website

Posted by Mike Munter on September 11, 2013 / Posted in Blog

Getting “dofollow” links back to your website helps increase your site’s PageRank which helps it rank better in search results. When you rank better in search results, you get more traffic, generate more leads, and increase sales. Let’s jump right in and with a couple real life examples that demonstrate what I mean. Table of Contents Example #1: MiLB.comStrong Domains … More

Create Doorway Pages To Rank In Cities You Serve [Video]

Posted by Mike Munter on August 7, 2013 / Posted in Blog

One of the problems some local business owners face is they are located near a city where they provide service and yet their website does not rank in Google for search terms that include that city name. For example, if you’re a home inspector working out of your home office in Vancouver, Washington, your site may appear on the first … More

Micro Sites Help You Generate More Leads [Video]

Posted by Mike Munter on August 7, 2013 / Posted in Blog

Micro websites are a great strategy for targeting a specific keyword or keywords. Micro sites usually contain 4-6 pages of unique content and can do well in Google. Steps to success include: Purchase a domain name that exactly matches or partially matches your keyword (this is the key!) Host the site on a unique IP address from your main website … More

How Directory Submissions Help Increase Traffic And Website Authority [Video]

Posted by Mike Munter on August 7, 2013 / Posted in Blog

Online directories are the web’s version of the Yellow Pages. They provide you with an opportunity to describe your business – usually for free – and they’re one of the easiest ways to get a link back to your website. Getting links back to your site helps improve your site’s authority, which is commonly measured by PageRank. High authority sites do … More